What is the COVID safety plan?

  We are advised by the Board of Directors of the Historic Santa Claus Campground who are following Health Department guidelines.  These guidelines include daily temperature monitoring, sanitizing procedures that will be done multiple times a day, extra hand washing stations, social distancing guidelines, and mask wearing guidelines will be in effect.

  We spend as much of the day outdoors as we can.  Dining Hall will be set up to accommodate safe distances.  Campers will be spending their time with the same “family” group the whole week as to prevent a camp wide spread. 

 **Please note:  COVID protocol changes monthly. We will post updates when we receive them.   Things can change by June.  We are asking  all our 18 years and older camp staff to be vaccinated , if possible, by the time of camp. **

What will be required before camp?

  We are asking that each camper have a negative covid test within 72 hours before the start of camp.  We ask that campers use extreme caution the days before camp in terms of who they spend time with and where they go in order to insure safety upon arrival.  A Covid protocol survey will be used at registration. 

What will the housing arrangements be?

    There are varying sizes of sleeping rooms at camp.  In the small rooms ( 2 -3 bunks) only 2 campers per room will be allowed.   In the larger dorm type rooms a diminished occupancy will occur in order to safely space out camper beds.   This means we will be using more of the buildings on the campground in order to safely spread everyone out.

What will happen if there is a positive COVID case?

  If a positive case is suspected while at camp, that person will be quarantined and sent home.   Contract tracing will occur and will determine what other steps need to be taken.   Areas that person has spent time will be sanitized according to guidelines before the area can be used again.  If there is a positive case after camp is over, contact tracing notices will be given.

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